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Non-Profit Organisation Program

At EverySolar 2.0, we're pioneers in making solar energy accessible across Brisbane since 2013. Our Non-Profit Program gifts free solar installations to charities, freeing up funds for their valuable community work.

We believe in fostering enduring partnerships that benefit both charities and the environment. With Solar energy, non-profits can cut operating costs and allocate more resources to serve our community.

Our NPO Program offers:


LOWER ELECTRICITY BILLS: Solar energy can drastically reduce or even eliminate electricity costs.

CLEAR, NO-CATCH SERVICE: We offer honest, no-hidden-fee partnerships, reliable solar solutions, and continual support.

Join us in creating a brighter future with renewable energy. Reach out today to discover how your non-profit can benefit from our NPO Solar Program.

EverySolar 2.0 is committed to bringing renewable and clean energy to EVERY corner of the community of Brisbane. We believe we have our corporate social responsibility to improve the environment and contribute to society.

We are proud to introduce our Non-profit Installation Program. With this program, any eligible NPOs are welcome to contact us for solar system needs.
We will provide FREE consultation and installation service with NO charge of any fee*.

This is NOT a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Participants are NOT required to pay any fee upon their electricity usage. 

Simply contact us today at 1300 716 916 or email your request to [email protected] and make positive changes for the community with us! 

*Terms & conditions apply.


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