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Residential Install

The sun is the source of a tremendous amount of energy, which can be tapped into and used in providing consumable energy (Solar Power). Solar power is more cost-effective when compared to regular electricity, switching to solar energy could prove to be one of the best investment decisions you will ever make.

This is where EverySolar 2.0 comes in, to provide a quality and more efficient source of energy, while still keeping the ecosystem greener. With our affordable solar packages, which range from 15kW to smaller kilowatts for residential homes, we are just a call away to get the best solar solution you deserve.

Commercial Install

A commercial installation for small to medium sized businesses still requires that personal touch with an enhanced level of team work and partnership in providing a solar solution. Systems at this level may range from 15kW up to 100kW.

We have the team the knowledge and the infrastructure to carry out installations at this level and beyond. Our consultants will carry out a detailed analysis of your power consumption, your power use profile and any other variables particular to your operation.

We will provide a comprehensive breakdown to illustrate how solar power will benefit your business and determine the best solution to meet your needs and budget.

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