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EverySolar 2.0 is aimed to bring renewable and clean power to EVERY corner, EVERY household and EVERY business in the Brisbane community.

EverySolar 2.0 is focused on three core principles in operating the business — transparency, honesty and customisation. Solar system installation is not as simple as an “off the shelf” product, it requires involvement, research and commitment. Every single step of every procedure impact on how our customers’ solar systems are installed. We are experts in our field and ensure every installation is precisely up to the standard.

Word of Mouth is our best marketing tool. Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on TV commercials or getting an athlete celebrity to be our spokesperson, we much rather put our resources into installation quality and after-sales service.

For many years and still doing so today, EverySolar has been like a suit tailor, helping thousands of local customers customise their solar system to perfectly fit their actual needs. There is an old saying: Reputation is more valuable than money. Billy takes this as his motto, and briefs this to his sales team, admin team and installation team. We have no doubt that we will continue to deliver on this principle to run our business in the future.

Our Services


Solar systems are being more affordable to Australians, and EverySolar 2.0 can assist South-East Queensland residents with residential solar system installation. EverySolar 2.0 is committed to providing high-quality products and after-sales services to ensure your solar system is relieving your electricity bill. A reliable company is always honest and transparent, that's why our prices are all marked toward the public.


While the business cost and electricity rate keep increasing these years, installing a commercial solar system has become the best solution for businesses. Businesses operating in the daytime are always perfect for the solar system since self-consumption can always get the best return from the solar system.
EverySolar 2.0 has provided professional analysis and tailormade the best solar system for different businesses to reduce costs.

Service & Repairs

After paying thousands for the solar system, we would like it to have a long lifespan and high efficiency. EverySolar 2.0 offers solar system health check, maintenance, repair, and warranty claim assistance.

Energy / Solar Monitoring

EverySolar 2.0 offers an energy solar monitoring service to ensure your solar system performs well and effectively. Our service saves customers time by monitoring the system effectiveness, analysing customers' energy consumption patterns, and determining the best performance time of customers' solar system to generate large appliances.

Battery Technology

While solar systems have become more common in Australia, battery technology has been more considered by the solar system owner. EverySolar 2.0 provides TESLA Powerwall for energy storage solutions, and EverySolar 2.0 is a certified TESLA Powerwall installer that is professional and credible.

Our Customers' Feedbacks

EverySolar 2.0 is CEC Approved Solar Retailer

Clean Energy Council

What is Clean Energy Council?
The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for Australia’s Clean energy industry. They represent and work with hundreds of leading businesses operating in solar, wind, energy efficiency, hydro, bioenergy, energy storage, geothermal and marine along with more than 4000 solar installers in Australia. They are committed to accelerating the transformation of Australia’s energy system to one that is smarter and cleaner.

Approved Solar retailer

EverySolar is one of the Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers. EverySolar has signed the Code on 2nd of April 2020 and we have continuously renewed our certificate every year.

This code of conduct is a voluntary scheme for retail businesses selling solar panel systems to households and businesses. It aims to lift the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and bring about a better standard of service within the solar industry. It is also the ONLY solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The Clean Energy Council manages the code of conduct and ensures that signatories comply with its strict requirements at all times.

As one of the Clean Energy Council accredited retailers, EverySolar has been approved by the Council after demonstrating a strong commitment to all procedures such as responsible sales, marketing practices and solar industry best practices.

What does this mean to you?

Assurance EverySolar has gone through a rigorous process to become an Approved Solar Retailer

Standard minimum warranty period of five years on your WHOLE system

Detailed information on the process between system installation and network connection

Peace of mind that the company will adhere to all existing legislation and regulations, and this its sales representatives will act ethically and not engage in any dishonest or misleading tactics

Better qualities and performance guarantees

Why the code?

The Clean Energy Council established the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct in 2013 on behalf of the solar industry to improve customer service and industry standards. The Clean Energy Council already upholds industry standards for solar installations through its installer accreditation program.

The establishment of the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct means that the solar retailer sector will also be monitored, and in particular companies that engage in misleading or poor sales and marketing practices.

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