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System Monitoring

Solar Analytics’ smart solar software delivers you more value from your solar system. Everything you need in a simple view to give you more confidence in your system, more savings and more insights.

Everything you need

Battery Calculator

Choose the right time and the right battery for you.

Plan Optimiser

Take the guesswork out of saving on energy bills.

Energy Insights

Full visibility over your energy usage and when to best use your solar.

Savings Analysis

Watch your savings grow with the most accurate savings calculations.

True Performance monitoring

See if your solar is performing as it should, and if it's not, Solar Analytics will let you know.

True Performance

Solar Analytics patented algorithms calculate exactly how much energy you should be producing every day of the year.

They constantly monitor and analyse to let you and us know when your solar system isn’t performing at its peak.

Improved performance, faster fault rectification and more uptime mean greater solar savings and faster payback.

Plan Optimiser

Uses your actual household solar and energy data to compare the best available energy plans currently on the market and highlights the best plan for you.

Automatically updates new plans on offer and regularly recalculates your potential savings.

This allows you to know you’re always on the best energy plan.

No assumptions, just clear comparisons.

Savings Insights

Solar Analytics translate all your kWh into dollars so you can see exactly how much savings your system is delivering right from day one.

Easily track the payback of your investment from your solar savings.

See how the various costs and credits of your plan add up to help you anticipate your electricity bill.

Know when it is the right time for you to make the investment in a battery.

Solar Analytics Dashboard

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