Trina Solar Honey

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Trina Solar Honey Series


Trina Solar HONEY panels offer home and business owners reliable solar power paired with great aesthetics and options to match your personal preferences. Available with black or silver frames set to black or white backsheets, HONEY panels pair their pleasing looks with the quality guarantee of Trina Solar and our industry leading 25-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Increased power generation with MBB & half-cut technologies


This Honey M product adopts multi-busbar technology, which can shorten the current conduction distance by more than 50% and thus lower the internal ribbon resistance loss. With finer and narrower busbars, more sunlight will be reflected back to the round ribbon, thus increasing energy efficiency. The unique circuit design of half-cut cells can reduce power loss to 1/4 compared to full cells, which results in a decrease of electrical resistance within the ribbon and finally improves the overall module efficiency by more than 2%.


Reduced LCOE by improved performance


Half-cut cell design allows modules to work at lower temperatures, which improves energy generation per watt. The unique cell string structure can significantly reduce the energy loss due to mismatch caused by inter-row shading. In addition, a higher power generation capacity can be achieved in high irradiation zones with multi-busbar technology.


Exceptional reliability


This Honey M module is one of the industry’s most trusted modules. Low hot spot occurrence and half-cut cell technology can reduce failures, improving safety and performance. The application of multi-busbar cells results in more uniform loads to prevent stress, resulting in better performance even in case of slight cracking. Nowadays the market share of PV modules featuring MBB technology is dominant in the global solar industry.