Seraphim Eclipse

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Seraphim Eclipse Series Solar Panels

Blade Series | Eclipse Series

When we began work on this new shingled solar module, we considered every element defines a perfect shingled solar module, i.e. performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID and price. We challenged ourselves to design a product innovative and radically different from any of our products before. The result of our R&D was the Eclipse modules.

The new Eclipse shingled solar module is a significant breakthrough in module innovation. To achieve a breakthrough, you must improve all aspects of the product including its manufacturing. We teamed up with advanced equipment suppliers to develop a proprietary process and was able to achieve unbeatable efficiencies in power output. This ensures that you will receive a product with an outstanding performance and obtain revenue for decades into the future.

Meet the perfect solar module. Patented shingled solar module boost efficiency and reliability—but reduce balance of system(BOS) cost at the same time, providing an elegant solution that improves both efficiency and aesthetics.

Shingled Solar Module Features

  • Generates 15% more power and obtain greater returns during the lifetime of the project
  • Enhanced reliability and durability
  • Reduced system BOS and
  • Installation cost by up to 10%
  • Beautifully designed
  • Dramatically reduced hot spot effect
  • 5400Pa mechanical Load