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Our Step By Step Procedure

1. Pre-InstallatIon

     – Schedule and confirm the date & time with installer and customer

2. InstallatIon

     – On-site installation with our CEC accredited installer & designer

3. Payment

     – Collect remaining balance to complete the sale

4. Post-Installation

  1. Our installer will submit the EWR (Electrical Work Request) to Energex
  2. Energex will contact customer’s electricity provider for solar meter upgrade
  3. Electricity provider will perform solar meter upgrade/reconfiguration
  4. This usually takes up 10 – 20 days

5. Choose Your Power Plan

     – Best time for you to call the electricity provider and negotiate your rate & discount

6. Enjoy Your PV Solar System

Post-Installation Document checklist

After your installation, there are list documents for you to keep. If anyone comes to do other electrical/solar work on your house, it’s an important reference for the service person. The Australian Standard for solar installation states that the documents have to be provided for every system installed.


EverySolar 2.0 coversheet is where we keep your installation details for our record.


Small-scale technology certificate (incentive) – We apply the incentive on your behalf.


Certificate of compliance – a proof of installation done by our CEC accredited installer and designer.

List of Equipment

List of equipment is on the cover sheet and we will send a digital copy to you after the installation

Warranty Policy

A digital copy of our warranty policy will be sent to you via email or hard copy (upon your request) after the installation. Alternatively, you can also find it on our website. Everysolar.com.au -> warranty

Equipment Manual

  • Inverter handbook (handover on the installation date)
  • Panel datasheet (digital copy or hard copy upon request)
  • Mounting kits datasheet (digital copy or hard copy upon request)

Installation Record & Guidelines

A digital copy of your installation record & guideline will be emailed to you after installation. NB: Our installer and designer will fill and sign on pages 37-40 as a record.