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What is Clean Energy Council

We kick off 2020, with the Clean Energy Council Code of Conduct and now recognized as Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers. Clean Energy Council is Australia’s renewable energy association and its the top body for the solar industry. To provide a peace of mind to customers when deciding on which company to buy a solar power system, the CEC provide the list of companies which follows the standard code of conduct. This will also help to eliminate the fraudsters in the solar industry.

Don’t get confused by seeing the logos from the advertisements. Lets understand the different types of logos. There are few kinds of logos which represent four categories of certificates includes CEC accredited installer, a CEC Accredited Designer, a CEC Member, and a CEC Approved Solar Retailer.


CEC Approved Solar Retailer

A Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer is different because we are solar business which stick to a code of conduct when dealing with the customers. In order for eligible to apply,we must satisfy these, among-st the others.

  1. Our company cannot have a relevant history with the ACCC or Fair trade.
  2. Our director cannot be a past director or manager or close relative of a failed company.

This implies the how well CEC is cut down the number of applications to find the best solar retailers.


CEC Member

Clean energy aims at transform energy systems for a smarter, cleaner future. As a CEC member, Every solar helps supports their significant work of promoting renewable energy. There are different levels of membership, like sponsoring, corporate, associate and so on which vary based on their benefits. Currently more than 800 companies have signed up as members.


CEC Accredited Installer

A CEC accredited installer is a personal work license. Only a licensed electrician can install a solar system yet you can train and apply to become a CEC accredited installer. The good thing about this is that the CEC is controlling the quality of the installers under this program. Without this accredited installers, the solar industry could be much worse, because anyone with solar knowledge can do the installation at your house since the company can assign whomever they want. The number of CEC accredited installers is more than 6500 in Australia.

Why Choose Approved Solar Retailer

Given below some of the things which we follow and give high priority as a CEC Approved solar Retailer . This way we able to make the customer happy and run our business for a long term.

  • We follow CEC code of conduct.
  • We have licensed electrician, CEC accredited designer & installer.
  • We also audited by CEC time to time to ensure compliance.
  • Our sales staff are honest.
  • Customers are our priority and we keep our promises.
  • We only sell quality products and source from stable suppliers.