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Residential Solutions


Residential Solar System

Fully Installed (Standard installation*)


Residential Solar System

Fully Installed (Standard installation*)


Residential Solar System

Fully Installed (Standard installation*)


Residential Solar System

Fully Installed (Standard installation*)

Tailored Commercial Solar Solutions for Australian Businesses

From urban offices to rural operations, our solar system deliver consistent performance and significant financial benefits. Embracing solar investment yields valuable assets, reduced electricity expenses, tax advantages, and a notable decrease in emissions. Despite the initial capital outlay, businesses frequently realize that solar energy is a more cost-effective alternative to grid electricity, providing a rapid return on investment. Transform your organization for enduring sustainability and prosperity today.

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Let’s craft a tailored solar solution precisely aligned with your business/home requirements, empowering you to attain your sustainability objectives.

Empowering Brisbane's Non-Profit Organisations with Clean Energy

At EverySolar 2.0, we’re on a mission to illuminate every corner of Brisbane with renewable, clean energy. We believe in more than just powering homes and businesses—we’re committed to our corporate social responsibility of improving the environment and contributing positively to society.

With our program, NPOs receive:

Our team of experts is dedicated to closely collaborating with customers to understand their energy needs and tailor a solar solution that fits perfectly.

Free Installation Service

We manage every aspect from initiation to completion, facilitating a smooth transition to solar power with no upfront expenses.

No Fees, No
Strings Attached

In contrast to conventional Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), participants in our program are relieved of any ongoing fees or charges associated with their electricity consumption.

This initiative extends beyond mere solar adoption; it’s about catalyzing enduring change and championing organizations that perform invaluable work within our community.

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make a meaningful difference in Brisbane’s community, one solar system installation at a time.

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Discover how your NPO can leverage our Non-profit Installation Program for maximum benefit.

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After installing a solar system, there are two ways to effectively reduce your power bill:

  1. Self-Consumption: Throughout the daytime operation of your system, you’ll utilize the power generated by your solar panels instead of relying on electricity from the grid.

  2. Selling to the Grid: By supplying surplus electricity back to the grid, consumers can earn credits toward their power bills.

Absolutely! If your installed system has a capacity of less than 100kW, you qualify for the federal STCs Scheme. To avail the rebate, ensure that:

  • You use Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved panels and inverters.
  • Your system complies with CEC standards.
  • The installation is performed by a CEC accredited installer.

In addition to the Federal STCs Scheme, each state and territory may offer their own rebate for renewable energy, contact us on 1300 716 916 or send a request to [email protected] for more information

Solar power technology has advanced significantly over the years, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use across Australia. However, it may not be ideal for properties with south-facing or shaded roofs.

“Solar power technology has advanced significantly over the years, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use across Australia. However, it may not be ideal for properties with south-facing or shaded roofs.

For further details on residential and commercial solar solutions, please contact EverySolar 2.0 at 1300 716 916 or email us at

[email protected] . Our team of solar power experts is ready to address all your inquiries and arrange a complimentary consultation.

Here are a few methods to evaluate the performance of your solar system:

  1. Monitor the production directly from the LCD screen on your inverter.
  2. Connect your inverter to your home internet and download the monitoring app on your smartphone for real-time tracking.

Furthermore, if you seek to optimize your electricity usage for greater savings, we offer the option to install a Smart Meter for your inverter. With the Smart Meter, you can conveniently monitor both your consumption and export amount through the app.

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